sâmbătă, martie 07, 2009

so..Casi did it.. chicken pox

God, I hate this catching disease! Actually I am furious becouse my mother in law told us that Casiana went through this one and a half year ago when I was in the last month of my pregnancy with David. But I don't think that it was true - you know - you make this disease one in a life cause it gives you immunity for the rest of your life.
Now the other problems are: 1.I think David will catch it, too. 2. I think I WILL GONNA' have it!! because I didn't when I was a child. It's quite stupid as you have to wait for 2 weeks to see if the first hot pimples will appear.

What can I say about Cassy? She is very agitated ans scratches her skin dramatically even if, of course, I repeat her not to! so that this pox not to leave scars on her beautiful face and body. She slept last night very difficult and today she was scratching her back on the bed, on the sheets, like a puppy in the dust. She feels more comfortable staying in my arms and asks for this even when I'm driving - which is quite illegal! but when the red is on I hold her and when the light turns to green, I ask her to go backwards on hear seat. She has fever and she cries almost all the time. But after a while I think she realizes that words and moans are inutile so she just talk with her big and beautiful eyes.

Oh cassi, get well sooner!

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