luni, martie 09, 2009

Our Great Fast Days

I remember how my life was before kids came. I went to church so often, especially when I was pregnant! I imagined that my life will not much change in this aspect, but now I realize that I cannot enjoy going to church as much as I did in the past for the simple reason that kids don't let me do so! Its strange, but look: I have pried so much to receive the blessed to have a child, and now when I have much more than one, they are the reason (somehow) for not going so much to the church.
These days I was in contact with some ladies who try harder to become mommies and for this they apply a regular prayers program, go to holy ceremonies and well known churches and monasteries. They are s enthusiastic and I was wondering if they realize ho much this will change after littles angels will come into their life. Sometimes to tired to read an Acatist, or if I have time and the kids are not asleep they don't have patient and disturb and good by focus!

But of course I have an explanation or an excuse, so to say.These years are specials because we, mommies are dedicating our lives, mind, bodies and soul to our kids. I like to say (with some pedantry in my atitude) to my other colleagues who are complaining of their parent life: Be prepared, and be conscious that these are sacrifice years. Not ad literam of course, because now is easy than in the past (I praise all the time the washing machine and diapers!!), but you can't move around without your new family And you cannot enjoy your hobbies and even more, you cannot organize your social life as you would like to. So, get real, this is the situation, enjoy it as much as you can, laugh all the time or just smile (as I do - and maybe sometimes they think I'm not a serious person) and bear in mind that retirement will come soon to have some peace for God sake!


Anonim spunea...

E ciudat cum tot schimbi limbile. Sper sa nun o dai pe franceza ca urasc limba aia.

8avia spunea...

nu, dr intetionez sa sriu in Germana. Cred ca tie ti se trage de la tanti Angelica!

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