sâmbătă, martie 07, 2009

my little flower

I bought from Vienna some bulbs packages with spring flowers like little blue ones an some tiny tulips with chessboard model! I wasn't too confident that I will succeed seeing them blooming, but as you can see in below pictures, I did.

The secret is to hold them in cool places or to put the bulbs in the soil in Nov, or Dec so that they could benefit of the cold period. I think it's like a hibernation or like a long relaxing night when you awake fresh and full of life.

I found out also that during the winter you should stop water the most majority of flowers (or at least water them rarely) if you want in the spring a spectacular blooming. We have a flower pot in Vica's room and of course during our Christmas holiday in Falticeni, we didn't drench the soil for a couple of weeks. And now - surprise - surprise the plant has flowers.

I was never good at agricultural activities but I guess I'm getting old and while dreaming at my ING future rich pension I even read twice a book (from communism era) about how to grow vegetables in your yard! I'm quite pride of myself doing that and I decided not to stay, but...to apply! So today I cut with a spade our tiny yard (not all, but quite a lot!). I intend to do some more works next week, when I hope it will be sunny, and maybe even seed some grass!

Oh, but take a look at my beautiful pics down here - taken with my new HTC Diamond.

Signed: Peasant woman in the glamorous city!

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