miercuri, noiembrie 05, 2008

Evening with Maria Wagner

So, yesterday I had dinner with Maria. She was so sweet giving us sweets and for me the portion was double, as I have kids back home, of course.
She prepare a special gift: a personalized chocolate: Bio and Fair - this assure you that every person who worked to produced this BIO chocolate received a fair price and didn't suffer any work abuse. On the wrapping paper she wrote somthing after 37 years of work...etc. I don't remember. This is a nice retirement gift idea.

We chit-chat about wifes role, marriage, kids, kidnaping! :D a.s.o.
I arrived back home at 11 p.m., took a shower and I collapse on the bed.

00:15 ...phone is ringing. Thinking that I'm dreaming I talked something with a driver and..puf! drop dead on the pillow.

00:56...phone ringing again!!!! Awfull! "Yes, yes, who, why, I don't have his number, doesn't matter" and puf again back dizzy.

06:30...clock alarm --beeeeaaaautiful! Casiana please wake -up and let's go to kindergarten and work.

But anyway Mr. M. approved two vacation days next week. Iupii. I will clean the house - this is luxury to me!!!

oki. don't forgeet to leave a message - if any!
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